Innovation is meaningful only when coupled with an enhancement in the quality of the bottled wine. Every detail has been meticulously refined to meet our objectives.

Preserving the wine from oxidation during the bottling process is our foremost concern. Through various techniques like nitrogen sparging and the utilization of NomaLine, we have significantly minimized the dissolved oxygen content in the bottle. Consequently, our wines maintain a fresher profile for an extended duration.

To ensure a seamless and efficient production, comprehensive quality controls have been implemented at every stage.

750ml bottling line

Introduced in 2017, our 750ml bottling line is equipped with the latest technologies.

This versatile line is designed to accommodate bottle formats of 375ml, 750ml, and 1000ml, available in both glass and PET. The closure options include screwcap or cork. The bottling line boasts a capacity to produce up to 12,500 bottles per hour. Thanks to its fully automated system, the entire production is efficiently managed by a team of just three individuals.