187ml bottling line

Initiated in 2015, our 187ml bottling line represents the epitome of cutting-edge technologies.

Handling PET can be quite demanding, especially in terms of preventing oxidation. Throughout the entire process, from the tank to the final bottle, we ensure the wine is shielded by nitrogen.

Furthermore, we employ innovative technologies such as Nomaline (introducing nitrogen into the bottle neck) and Nomasens (O2 dissolution control) to enhance the precision and efficiency of the bottling process.

Airlines supply

Drawing on over 15 years of expertise in bottling wines in 187ml, 750ml or 1L, we proudly serve over 20 major airline companies spanning Europe, America, the Middle East, and Asia.

Our 187ml offerings are provided in PET multilayers  bottles, catering to the specific needs of airlines. We offer an extensive selection of wines from regions such as France, Italy, Chile, South Africa, and even New Zealand to meet the diverse preferences of airline passengers.