Airlines quarter bottles

With a knowledge of more than 15 years experience of bottling wines in 187ml,  we  are supplying more than 20 major airlines companies across Europe, America, Middle East and Asia.

187ml are available in  PET multilayers or in glass bottle.   We supply airlines companies  with a large range of wines from France, Italy, Chile, South Africa  or even New Zealand !

187ml bottling line

Launch in 2015, the 187ml bottling line is a state of the art of the newest technologies. 

In fact, working with PET can be pretty challenging and requieres some additional skills regarding oxydation.  From the tank to the finished bottle, the  wine is protected by nitrigen.

On addition to this some very  new technologies are also used like Nomaline (addition of Nitrigen into the  bottle neck) and Nomasens (O2 dissolve control).


Presentation Cape by JS
Presentation Montenero 187ml
Presentation Maison de Bessart 187ml